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Sold out items will be removed to give space for new items:)
We will be here (2012) Every first weekend and last weekend of EVERY MONTH until OCTOBER!!


New Arrival for Lelong lelong marketplace!

Here we want to apologize for the MIA so we will be bringing new arrival for tomoro's event( Lelong lelong marketplace,asia cafe ss15)..
1) We call this our very own version of black dress..who say black dress needs to be boring and dull with no touch of other colour..

2) Corset is a must and for this corset alone,we bring in in size M, L, XL that can fit upto uk18 can u believe it?Well we believe every girl should and can wear whatever they want as long as it makes them happy..So to all curvy ladies,get them while stock last...Well this corset is padded and have smocked back so simple but sexy!

3) As there's sooooo many emails asking me to restock the black hooded jacket,i have asked my supplier to bring in more and i only can get 5! while there's more than 20 people that wanted this so i will make it clear there will be no reservation..first pay first get..

Price??we'll if u can wait for lelong lelong marketplace to end,then u can get the info after that but if u tink these arrivals are worth fighting for then come and support us at Lelong Lelong Marketplace!

Sachimieko will not only bring these gorgeous dress and corset but there's lots of new bags!!! by that i mean a lot! haven't got time to take pictures of them as im still sick..

like always,email us for more info!