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Hello New YEAr and hello to a new YOU!

Well i've been hiatus for so long(forgive me) as i have a very hectic life the past year. Hence will be introducing new product to u gals! While i was away,i've been consuming this product and because i have experience and taken it plus see the magical effects(wink..wink) thus am proudly introducing COCOA COLLAGEN POWER PLUS(CCPP) to u gals..


CCPP is safe and halal thus means every ladies can consume it!

Ingredients: Brasil Arabica coffee ecstract,coco,brown sugar,dextrose monohydrate,oligo saccharide,non dairy creamer,marine collagen,lobata and Kacip fatimah..

Will be posting more on this product later on yeah as there's pages of infos await u gals out there :)

Email me for more info either at sachimieko@yahoo.com/ cocoa.collagen@yahoo.com